Weber and Company, INC

“In everything that man pushes by his vital instinct, builds and raises, nothing is more precious than bridges… They belong to everybody and they are the same for everybody, always built in the right place in which the major part of human necessity crosses, more durable than all other constructions and they do not serve for anything secret or bad.” - Ivo Adric

The Company

Weber and Company was founded by Suzanne Weber, CPA, MST, TEP a highly reputed and experienced professional in the Silicon Valley. We take pride in providing unique solutions customized to meet client needs and challenge ourselves to exceed expectations.

Our Mission

Provide exceptional service to our clients by helping them bridge the gap to achieving their goals.
We achieve our mission through:
• Understanding our clients' business and anticipating their needs
• Staying current on legal, financial and business issues
• Investing in a team of experienced and highly trained professionals who are motivated by client satisfaction

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is embodied in the standards of our practice; professionalism, responsiveness and quality.
Professionalism: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards
Responsiveness: We strive to provide proactive solutions in a timely manner
Quality: We are dedicated to maintaining our standard of excellence without compromising efficiency