Weber and Company, INC

Audit/Attestation Services

Our highly trained audit team undertakes a risk based approach to performing financial statement attestation services in accordance with guidelines established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and industry standards. Our work is also subject to peer review per regulatory requirements.

Our approach to assurance services includes analysis of financial data and information gathered during the engagment to make recommendations that would improve controls and processes.

Our clients include companies regulated by small business administration (SBA), technology companies, private equity funds, manufacturers, real estate management entities, engineering and investment brokerage firms and various nonprofit organizations.

Our services in the area of attestation include:

Audit review and compilation of Financial statements in accordance with GAAP

  • Audits - the highest form of assurance offered by accountants.
  • Reviews - includes performing inquiries and analytical procedures on financial information to obtain limited assurance.
  • Compilations - the most basic financial statement assurance service

Other Attestation Services:

  • Reporting on agreed upon procedures
  • Reporting on Financial forecasts and budgets
  • Internal Control Reporting
  • Performing Due diligence engagements
  • Reporting on pro Forma financial statements